Engagement Ring Trends

Posted on Saturday, February 16th, 2019 at 10:36 am by Oz

We all made our new year's resolutions just a month ago. Some of us are still hitting the gym while others have definitely picked up that delicious junk food again. But maybe your 2019 goal is less about lifestyle changes and more about changing her last name! If that's the case, let's begin this forever journey by getting her the ring that she'll love for a lifetime!

Picking that perfect ring may feel like a huge challenge but we're here to give you some guidance and make this experience exciting, not dreadful! One place to start is looking at the trends for 2019. A lot of what's popular this year are classics that will be timeless no matter what year it is! So without any further ado here are the engagement ring trends for 2019.

1) gallery details
The details are everything and little touches can really set a ring apart from the rest. The bands can have a lot of beautiful designs but so can the gallery of the ring (underneath the center stone). Accented diamonds in the gallery give the side view of the ring just as much beauty and surprise as all the other angles.

2) yellow gold
While yellow gold took a backseat to white gold for a while, it’s has made its return (even though it has always been timeless). Brides are turning to the metal that graces their mother’s engagement ring but using it with the new styles of 2019. Even celebrities are choosing yellow gold as their settings, like Meghan Markle and Emily Ratajkowski.

3) fancy shaped diamonds
You can never go wrong with the traditional round cut diamond however pear, oval, and cushion diamonds are becoming increasingly popular over the past few years. Brides are loving these fancy shaped diamonds that add a sense of individuality to their ring.

4) colored stone accents
Brides can’t get enough of adding touches of color to their engagement rings. Whether the colored stones are sapphires, rubies, or emeralds, incorporating color creates a new and interesting look.

5) three stone rings
Traditionally the three-stone ring that highlights the center stone with two diamonds or gemstones on either side is said to represent a couple’s past, present, and future. This year, couples are taking this style and giving it a new spin with fancy-shaped stones as the accent stones. Use baguettes, trillians, or pears as the side stones and you have a contemporary take on a timeless look!

7) stacked and nested rings
A beautiful way to create your own personal look is with a well-curated stack of rings. Brides are making stunning statements with multiple bands and this trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

8) antique rings
What’s old is new! Each antique rings are made by hand and completely one of a kind so you will never see the exact ring on someone else’s finger. If you are looking for intricate engraving and incredible details in a ring, looking for an antique ring that has been previously loved might be the way to go!

9) delicate and distinctive halos
The halo is here to stay due to its elegant and glamorous look. It is also popular for the way a halo makes the center stone look bigger than it is. Couples are getting more creative with the halo designs by choosing more delicate and distinctive designs instead of the traditional cushion halo.

Let us know what you think of these 2019 engagement ring trends! We are a huge fan of the creative and unique styles that are becoming more and more popular.

As always, we love working with couples no matter the style they are looking for. From the classic solitaire to a completely custom design, our goal is to have both of you excited over this symbol of your forever!