Love your rings... even with enlarged knuckles!

Posted on Tuesday, February 26th, 2019 at 5:08 pm by Oz

Having big knuckles can make wearing rings difficult. But when your big knuckles are due to arthritis or swelling, wearing rings can become uncomfortable and frustrating! If you size the ring to fit over your knuckle, the heavy part of the ring will fall to bottom of your finger or spin but if you size it to fit your finger, the ring might not slide over your knuckle or could be painful to get the ring on. This causes a problem that leads many people to give up on wearing rings.

Well when there is a jewelry problem, we have a solution! Thankfully there are two great ways to make your rings have the perfect fit, no matter the size of your knuckles!

Sizing beads

The first and least expensive option is to add sizing beads to the inside of your ring. Two beads made out of the same metal as your ring are soldered into the bottom of the shank. With this option, your ring will be sized to fit over the knuckle and the beads will hold the ring in place on your finger. The sizing beads are very effective in providing a great fit and are surprisingly comfortable.



Adjustable shank

An adjustable shank opens wide to comfortably be placed onto the finger and closed behind the knuckle. This method is effective no matter the size of the knuckle making it the best option for severely enlarged knuckles or knuckles that vary in size daily. To install an adjustable shank, the lower half of the ring is removed and replaced with a clasping mechanism made from the same metal as the ring.

Do either of these methods sound like they could help you love your rings again? Bring your rings into Oz’s and we can discuss which option is best for you!

It is time to enjoy your rings again!