Questions to ask before shopping for the ring!

Posted on Thursday, February 21st, 2019 at 11:40 am by Oz

First of all, congratulations! Stepping into the journey towards proposing is such an exciting time! So now that you’ve found your girl, here’s are some things to think through before finding her ring...


What is your budget?
Before you consider style, carat size, ring design, or any other aspect, you need to look at your finances and decide the price range you are able to afford. Keep in mind that an engagement ring is an investment and a representation of your love! This ring will be worn for decades and possibly passed down through the family. However, this is a personal decision based on your means and taste. Regardless, this decision should be made before you begin shopping to give you a clear guideline of what to look for.

What style does she want?
Second to budget, the style of the ring is the most important question to focus on.  While at one time, going ring shopping as a couple was a “no-no”, it has become much more common and definitely makes decision making easier. However, if you are determined to keep it a surprise, here are a few ways to get an idea of what she likes…

-Pay attention to any hints she throws out about types of metals, diamond shape, or style. Maybe she mentions she likes “so-and-so’s” ring or has pointed out the same character’s ring on a show you watch. Keep your ear out for any clues.

-Ask her friends! They will have great insight into what she’s dreaming of or what her preferences are. Chances are that they have talked about rings at some point .

-Check out her Pinterest. Many women use Pinterest to store all their wedding dreams and can be a great reference point for you to learn what her style preferences are.

-Consider her everyday style. Is she more bold and expressive, or classic yet simple? Think about how she dresses on a regular basis and the way she likes to style her looks. These personal touches can give you an idea on what ring she would love.

What is her ring size?
So this part can be tricky. While some women know their ring size, many don’t. Also getting that information from her without spoiling the surprise can be difficult. You can always ask her friends and family but we suggest being sneaky and bringing in one of her rings that she wears on the ring finger. With that ring we will be able to get her size! Of course, if all these methods fail, go ahead and propose with the ring as is and once she has the ring, bring it in so we can size it to perfectly fit her. All of our sizing and repairs are done in-house so we can get it fixed for you quickly!

When are you going to propose?
So you don’t have to have the whole plan laid out just yet. But, starting your ring shopping process with an idea of when you would like to pop the question is important. Some rings can be bought and boxed on the spot, while others will need some time to be ordered or to have custom designed. Knowing your time frame allows you to know which processes are out of the question or in the realm of possibility.

What are the 4C’s?
So we’re not suggesting you become a diamond expert before going shopping, but a little bit of research never hurts. Walking into your shopping experience with a bit of knowledge on what the cut, color, clarity, and carat means will help you ask the right questions and get the best diamond for your budget and taste.