Do you change watch batteries and take out/add links?

Yes for $15

Do you size rings?

Yes, prices depend on if we are sizing up or down and what type of metal the ring is.

Do you carry Pandora?

Yes, we have a wide selection.

Can you design custom jewelry?

Yes, we use CAD software to create the look you're dreaming of. Whether it's redesigning an existing piece or creating something brand new, we can make it happen. To begin your custom piece, come into the store and talk to one of our jewelers.

Do I need an appointment?

No, just come in to talk to one of our staff.

I want to know more information about an item of jewelry I own. How can I get that information?

We do not give quick verbal information because it is inaccurate. You will want to get an appraisal on any valuable item of jewelry. This report will tell you the item's description, type of metal, stone information, and value. This document is also required for insurance purposes.

How much does an appraisal cost?

$125 for a new appraisal and $75 to update an existing appraisal.

Do you sell children's jewelry?


Do you buy jewelry?

Yes, we buy gold and silver.

Do you do repairs on site?

Yes, all repairs are done in-house.

Are you always closed on Mondays?

Yes, except in December. Check back during the holiday season for store hour changes.

Do you accept returns?

No, only exchanges and store credit.

Can you make a wish-list?

Yes, we can work together to create your wish-list.

What is a semi-mount?

A semi-mount ring is an alternative to a ready-made, complete ring. It bridges the gap between a completely custom-made ring and an off-the-shelf ring. It allows you to choose a setting and then choose a center stone or use a stone you own, and have them assembled.

Do you upgrade rings?

Yes, come talk to Oz for more details.