Flawless Diamonds

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—  Oz’s Perfect Diamonds  —

We are diamond people.
Everyone at Oz’s Jewelers appreciates the rareness and beauty of a diamond and we love to offer the best to our customers.

Internally Flawless Diamonds
These diamonds have absolutely no inclusions (flaws) and sit on the top of the diamond clarity chart.
Internally Flawless diamonds are also rare, making these stones even more special.

Perfect Cut
We pride ourselves on offering our customers diamonds with a 5/5 cut.
Our diamonds come from the Antwerp diamond cutter that cuts diamonds for other high-profile companies.
Caring about the level of perfection in the cut gives you a diamond that will sparkle forever!

We carry Internally Flawless diamonds is D and I color.
D color is completely colorless
I color is near colorless


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