Permanent Bracelets

What is a Permanent Bracelet?
A permanent bracelet is a custom fit chain that is soldered or "zapped" closed around your wrist for a bracelet that stays on all the time. These semi-permanent bracelets come in sterling silver, gold-fill, & 14k gold! It's the perfect piece for minimal, refined, everyday wear!

When can I get zapped?
We take walk-ins on Wednesdays & Fridays during regular store hours! If you would like to come in on a different day, please call the store to schedule.

How much does it cost?
The price generally varies between $45-$200 depending on your choice of chain. We have options in sterling silver, gold-fill, and 14k gold.

How long will it last?
As long as you handle your bracelet with care, it should stay on forever! But, any tugging, catching, or hitting the links will put the chain at risk. Treat it as a normal bracelet, just without the clasp!

What do I do if my bracelet comes off?
The jump ring/weld is guaranteed for 30 days. If it breaks at the jump ring within the 30 days, we will reattach it free of charge!

What do I do if I need a MRI or Surgery?
Come into the store anytime and we will cut it off for you. Save the chain and we will reattach it for $10.