What in the World is Fluorescence?

What in the World is Fluoresce? 


In the world of diamonds, each stone possesses its own unique characteristics and attributes that contribute to its beauty and allure. Among these factors, fluorescence stands out as a fascinating phenomenon that adds an intriguing dimension to the diamond-buying experience. In this illuminating guide, we'll explore the intricacies of diamond fluorescence, exploring its definition, prevalence, impact on appearance, and dispelling common misconceptions.

What is Fluorescence?

Fluorescence is a captivating optical phenomenon exhibited by certain gemstones when exposed to invisible ultraviolet (UV) rays. In the case of natural diamonds, fluorescence typically manifests as a visible blue glow, although other colors may also be observed. This phenomenon occurs due to the interaction between UV radiation and trace elements present within the diamond's structure.

Understanding Fluorescence

Contrary to popular belief, fluorescence is not a rare occurrence in diamonds. In fact, approximately 25% to 35% of diamonds submitted to reputable gemological laboratories for grading exhibit some degree of fluorescence. However, only a small percentage of these diamonds, around 10%, display fluorescence strengths that may have a noticeable impact on appearance, as noted on laboratory reports.

Impact on Diamond Appearance

Studies conducted by the GIA have shown that for the vast majority of diamonds, the strength of fluorescence has no widely noticeable effect on their appearance. In many cases, observers actually prefer the appearance of diamonds with medium to strong fluorescence, as the fluorescence can enhance the diamond's perceived color and brightness. However, in rare instances, diamonds with very strong fluorescence may appear hazy or oily, affecting their visual appeal.


One common misconception about fluorescence is that it compromises the structural integrity of the diamond. However, extensive research conducted by the GIA has shown that fluorescence has no adverse effects on the durability or longevity of a diamond. Whether a diamond fluoresces or not, its structural integrity remains unchanged, as fluorescence is simply a natural characteristic resulting from submicroscopic shifts in the diamond's structure.

Embrace the Beauty of Fluorescence

In conclusion, diamond fluorescence adds a captivating element to the world of diamonds, offering a unique interplay of light and color that enhances their charm and allure. Whether you prefer a diamond with or without fluorescence, rest assured that both options offer exceptional beauty and quality. At Oz's Jewelers, we offer a curated selection of exquisite diamonds, where you can find a diamond as perfect as she is. 

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