Repairs & Services

Oz's Jewelers was established in 1983 as a dedicated repair shop, but we have proudly evolved into a thriving jewelry store without losing sight of our foundational commitment to precision & care. With decades of experience, our in-house experts continue to carry the torch of craftsmanship, ensuring that your treasured pieces receive the meticulous attention that they deserve. At Oz's Jewelers, we blend the artistry of our beginnings with the sophistication of our present, offering unparalleled in-house jewelry repair services that stand as a testament to our enduring dedication to excellence.

Currently, our turnaround time on repairs is One Week. 

We Offer The Following Maintenance Services:

Complimentary Jewelry Cleaning:

At any time, stop in the store and we will clean your jewelry, whether purchased from us or not.

Complimentary Jewelry Inspection:

Paired with our cleaning service, we will happily check the condition of your jewelry and the prongs on any stones you may have to see if there are any proactive repairs we can take care of before it is too late. 




We Offer The Following Repair Services:

Ring Resizing:

Adjusting the size of a ring to fit the wearer's finger.

Rhodium Plating:

Applying a thin layer of rhodium to enhance the appearance and durability of gold jewelry giving it a white gold appearance.

Prong Retipping:

Repairing or replacing the metal prongs that hold a gemstone in place on a ring.

Tightening Loose Stones:

Securing loose gemstones by tightening or replacing settings or prongs.

Stone Replacement:

Removing a damaged or lost gemstone and replacing it with a new one.


Joining metal pieces together using high-temperature solder, commonly used to repair breaks in rings or chains.

Chain Repair:

Fixing broken or damaged chains by soldering or replacing links.

Watch Battery Replacement:
Changing out the dead battery on your watch with a new one.

Clasp Replacement:

Replacing a broken or non-functional clasp on a necklace or bracelet.

Polishing and Cleaning:

Restoring the shine and luster of jewelry through professional cleaning and polishing.

Earring Post Replacement:

Replacing the posts of earrings, especially if they are bent or broken.


Stringing or re-stringing beads or pearls in a necklace or bracelet that has broken or weakened.

Bail Replacement: 

Replacing the bail, the loop that connects a pendant to a chain, on a necklace.

Jewelry Engraving:

Engraving words on the inside of rings or on small jewelry charms and pendants.

Custom Modifications:
Making personalized changes to existing jewelry, such as adding or removing elements to suit the wearer's preferences.


We offer insurance appraisal services on jewelry items.

We Do Not Currently Offer The Services Below:

Advanced Watch Repair:

Repairing and maintaining the functionality of watches. For example, replacing or fixing movement of a watch. For advanced watch repair, we recommend Storey's Watch & Clock Repair in Valdese, NC. They can be reached at (828) 502-9262.

Gemstone Re-cutting:

Currently, we are unable to shape or re-cut gemstones to improve their appearance or restore their design.