At Oz's Jewelers, we offer an extensive guarantee to provide you with peace of mind for your jewelry purchases and services:

Craftsmanship Guarantee: Everything we make, repair, and sell is backed by a 30 day guarantee from the date of delivery, unless otherwise specified in a written agreement signed by the customer. This also excludes estate pieces. This guarantee encompasses the secure setting of stones and the durability of parts crafted or repaired by us.

Stone Protection: We do not assume responsibility for the loss of single diamonds or gemstones over 1 carat in weight. Customers are strongly advised to have these stones appraised and insured through a jewelry policy or a jewelry rider on their homeowners insurance.

Exclusions: Our guarantee does not cover items secured with glue, enamel work, and lead solders without special "patch" support. We do not guarantee gold and/or rhodium plating. Additionally, it excludes loss of stones with 3 or fewer prongs, stones over 1/2 carat unless set with at least 6 prongs, and prong-set stones that do not meet our minimum prong requirements. 

Minimum Prong Requirements:

  • Oval cut stones: 6 prongs
  • Emerald cut stones: 4 prongs
  • Pear-shaped stones: 5 prongs
  • Marquise-shaped stones: 6 prongs
  • Heart-shaped stones: 5 prongs
  • Trillion Stone with at least 3 "V Prongs"
  • Exclusions also include prong-set stones with thin or missing prongs, uneven setting, bead settings with significant wear or unevenly set stones, and channel settings with structural issues or lack of support.

Specific Guarantees:

  • Correct ring sizing based on the customer's actual finger size is guaranteed, with free resizing within 7 days of delivery if incorrect.
  • Additional charges for resizing apply if the requested size differs from our recommendation, marked as "Per Customer Request."
  • Ring sizing is guaranteed only when based on the customer's actual finger, not another ring.
  • Ring sizing is guaranteed for 7 days from pickup, recognizing potential changes in finger size due to various factors.
  • When retipping prongs, stone loss is only guaranteed if all prongs holding the stone are retipped.

At Oz's Jewelers, we are committed to providing exceptional quality and service, ensuring your jewelry investment remains beautiful and secure for years to come.