Meet Cynthia: Sales Associate

Cynthia joined the Oz's family almost a year ago now & is such a joy to be around! She's the one you want to talk to you're into vintage or estate pieces. Keep reading to get to know her a little deeper!

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a full-time school counselor. I have been married for 30 years & have 2 kids currently in college. My parents live in town, & it's wonderful to have family time with any or all of them!

How long have you been at Oz's Jewelers?

Since March of 2023!

What do you love most about working in jewelry?

I LOVE the stories that come with jewelry! From an heirloom piece to a contemporary piece, they all have a story to tell.

What is your favorite gemstone & why?

Old mine cut diamonds! Hand cut diamonds are asymmetrical & different. Each one has been chiseled by candlelight in the 1800s–for me, it does't get any better.

What inspires you?

Kind people that sincerely want to make the world a better place. Life can be tough, but we have the power as a team to make it successful.

What’s your jewelry philosophy?

Make your style unique to you. Let it tell your story & express yourself. It's so fun! Trends are cool–your story is cooler.

What’s your favorite piece of jewelry you already own?

My grandmother's wedding band & her brooches. I remember her wearing every piece. I remember looking through her jewelry drawer while she was sewing & singing.

Any Oz’s pieces you have your eye on? 

Yes, my 3rd permanent bracelet! It'll be have sterling silver paperclip links with a gold star pendant!

What does your ideal Saturday look like?

Cooking & having family & friends around. A good time can always be found over a casserole or cake!

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