Meet Melissa: Our Store Manager

Melissa, our store manager, is kind, chic, and has created a home that is more stylish that Joanna Gaines'. If you've coming into the store then you know exactly how wonderful she is to work with! We've asked her a few questions so you can get to know her better!


Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I'm a married mother of 1 wonderful daughter. I also have 3 dogs that require more attention than I could have ever imagined!


How long have you been with Oz’s Jewelers?

I have been working as Oz's manager full time fore 4 years now. 


What do you love about your job?

The people I work with! Each team member here at Oz's is kind, compassionate, & inspiring in their own way!


What keeps you motivated?


Learning new things is one way to keep myself motivated. I am also very motivated by working with people who have new ideas on how we can continue to grow as a business.


Do you have a favorite spot in Hickory, NC?

Other than on my back porch, I love to hang out downtown on the square.


What’s your jewelry philosophy?

If you love it, wear it with confidence!


Any new collections coming out that you’re excited about?

We are currently creating a custom piece of jewelry for each month this year. The staff shares ideas & our jeweler, Oz, creates new unique piece. I especially love the one he did for April! 


Jewelry isn’t your only love. Tell us about your other business venture!

I love furniture! I have a small booth locally at Ageless Treasures where I sell pieces that I have redone.

What does your ideal Saturday look like? 

Waking up without an alarm in the morning, then spending the day with my visiting daughter, Sarah. We'd take the dogs on the City Walk and through the farmer's marker before a lunch at Hatch Sandwich Bar. Then grab some ice cream at Carolina Crafted, do some shopping at Thistle Dew Nicely, & finish the day off with a movie at the Carolina Theater!


What’s your favorite piece of jewelry you already own?

My favorite piece is a beautiful white gold diamond band that was an anniversary/birthday gift from my husband. I wear it on my left hand stacked with my wedding set.


Any Oz’s pieces you have your eye on?

Only about 15 different pieces right now!!


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