Meet Brenda: One of Our Owners


Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I love Jesus! I love my family so BIG, my greatest blessings 💙. I love traveling, shopping, & being busy. I love summer, pizza, ice cream, and sugar.


What roles have played over the years at Oz’s Jewelers?

I always say I do what Oz doesn't do! I do the book keeping, inventory, string pearls, change batteries, provide customer service, make sells. & I will always be Oz's biggest fan as his 1st lady! 


What’s it like, running a business with your husband for over 40 years?

I have been very thankful for the relationship that me & Oz have. Some days I give him the long list of to-dos, but mainly, I do what I need to do & he does what he needs to do. We both want Oz's Jewelers to be successful. We are definitely BETTER together.


What do you believe sets Oz's Jewelers apart in terms of customer service and creating memorable experiences for clients? 

I can say that we care about our customers & want what's best for them. If they have an idea, I always try to convince Oz that he can make it happen.


What role does community engagement play for Oz's Jewelers, and can you elaborate on any initiatives or partnerships that reflect your commitment to the local community?

My greatest pleasure is to give to others. We have been blessed to give to Safe Harbor, ECCCM, The Humane Society, Victory Junction, Corner Table, Backpack Programs, & the one that has touched our family, Dream on 3.


What is your favorite thing about your job?

The people that I have met that have become like family.


What’s your jewelry philosophy?

When you purchase a piece of jewelry it is not as an investment. It is a sentimental piece of jewelry that may be handed down to the next generation & it will give you a beautiful memory when you think of the day you received it.


What’s your favorite piece of jewelry you already own? 

I love my wedding ring that Oz surprise me with on a trip to Belgium. I also love a bracelet that I wear that is my Mama's signature.


Tell us what you love to do outside of work.

I love to volunteer, especially at Camp Linn Haven camp weeks. I also love my Nannie Days & Daddy days!


What does your ideal Saturday look like?

If I am not working, I like to spend the day at our mountain house with Oz & my family.


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